Best Website for Tradies

Best Website for Tradies

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Since the start of Covid the searches for local trades via the internet has gone up by 36% which means more and more customers are now looking for trades using search terms as Locksmith Near me, Emergency Locksmith Sydney, Best Plumber near me etc etc . The use of local magazines has declined drastically and hence a medium for advertising has been lost which used to provide local leads for businesses.

5 Reasons Why a Website is Important for Tradies

Increase Visibility

As we mentioned, people are going to start their search for tradespeople to work with on Google. More likely, they will type in “tradies near me” or something of the like. If your business does not have a website, you won’t appear on the search engine results page of their queries. But they’ll find one of your competitors.

Hundreds of potential clients are now on the web looking for tradies. With a website, you can ensure a 24/7 presence online. Coupled with SEO best practices and the advice of SEO consultants, you can optimize your site to appear on the top for search results on Google for your preferred products or services.

Generate Leads and Increase Sales

Having a website is a marketing gem in itself. If it’s well-designed with adequate and engaging calls to action, you can convert your visitors to customers more effectively. There are a lot of things that come into creating a lead generating website. But simply having one is already an advantage.

Platforms such as hipages offers services where you can list your business and then compete for leads but that can be very frustrating as you are not sure about winning the bid which is highly competitive and at the same time you are reliant on a third party to give you leads. Would you rather not rant higher on search engines so that customers can find you easily?

Provide Information for Your Customers

Because of the influx of information available for your customers, they now have the opportunity to be more meticulous about their purchasing decisions. They will do a lot of research about tradies on their radar before they decide to engage their services and this is where Google My Business profile can really help and we at SME Digital are experts with Local GMB and SEO.

With a website, you can provide information about your brand, services, and other things that make your business unique. Hence, you can help your customers make an informed decision about your services and influence them to choose you over all other tradies in the market.

Helps You Stand Out Over Your Competitors

With good website design for tradies, you can showcase your workmanship, professionalism, and other business values, giving you an ultimate edge over your competitors. Having a website is a valuable asset that sets you apart and enables you to tell your customers why they should work with you.

Reinforces Your Brand

Your website should extend your branding, including your logo, colours, etc. This helps you build brand affinity and reinforces your company in the minds and priorities of your customers.

How SME Digital Can Help You Design Your Website

There are a lot of things that should come with designing a website, including:

● Ensuring proper navigation

● Writing targeted and search engine optimized web content

● Adding calls to action

● Having links to your social media pages and contact information

● Leveraging customer reviews

● Ensuring it’s mobile responsive

● Adding a map to your physical office

● And including other details about your company

A website should have all these things and more to truly advance its purpose and maximize its ability to make you more visible, generate more clients, and increase your revenue.Engaging a web design agency in Sydney can improve your chances of creating a well-optimized website the advances your business goals. We at SME Digital are a team of website designers and SEO

experts where we will assist you in creating your website for your products/services and we make sure they rank on search engines.

We offer:

● Website design and redesign – creating a website that is mobile-friendly and effectively converts visitors into paying customers

● Search engine optimisation – Use SEO techniques and create content that will help you rank on search engine results so that your customers can find you.

● Copywriting and branding – improving the cues that help your business get remembered and stand out.

● Website maintenance and security – protecting your website from hacks and keeping your data safe.

● Website hosting – offering a range of hosting options to make your website available, and secure. Our local servers for website hosting are fast, secure, and supported.

SME Digital in Sydney has a great track record for building effective websites for businesses and trades around the country and would love to help your business grow using the seo tools which are highly effective and results driven. Below are some of the Tradies who we have helped with websites and they are now reaping the benefits of SEO as well.

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