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It’s important to understand what is SEO and its role in increasing your business.

With easy access to smartphones and the coming of the internet age, it is extremely common for anyone to search for a product or service online and then see the most popular results. Very rarely do people even go to the second page of search results because they get what they are searching for on the first page of the search engine results. 

If a possible buyer is looking for the best burger joint, the best dental clinic or recommended handyman services in New South Wales – and you offer any of these services your website needs to show up during that person’s search. Search Engine Optimization makes sure you appear when people are looking for your service or your product. 

People often underestimate the need for SEO consultants and SEO specialists but as someone with in-depth SEO and digital knowledge, we will address your concerns.  

First let us understand the concept of SEO, what is SEO? 

SEO or Search Engine optimization is the process of increasing both the quality of traffic as well as the quantity of traffic to your website from a search engine which ultimately translates into increased sales. This is an organic process which means one does not have to pay to appear on the first page of search engines, a website appears organically when certain steps such as website optimization and relevant content are added.  

What does an SEO consultant do?

An SEO consultant is responsible for improving your website’s ranking on a search engine such as Google.  When someone searches for your business category, an SEO specialist such as SME Digital ensures that your company appears on page one of the search engine. 

In today’s day and age, it is not ok to have just a website in place, it needs to be optimized to get more relevant visitors – the keyword being relevant. You don’t want people browsing your website without an intent to purchase. For creating awareness, sure that could be good, but ultimately the aim is to convert every visitor into a buyer. Companies often know the importance of search engine optimization but lack the in-house expertise to make the website SEO friendly. This is the reason one needs to bring a local SEO Specialist such as SME Digital On-board and this is exactly why GDS which is a leader in Meal Delivery Service has roped in SME Digital for their SEO strategy.

Benefits of Search engine Optimization 

Search Engine Optimization can benefit businesses of any size across multiple industries. Any company needs SEO – period!

If you are an SME, you need our affordable SEO services. Be it a global brand, a home-grown brand or a start-up, our SEO services are for you. For professional services such as dental services or handyman services that are just starting out and want to grow, our SEO packages are the ideal solution. 

According to data from Global Web Index ‘81% of people search online for a product or service’ – this shows the sheer importance associated with Search Engine Optimization as a service. 

Benefits of SEO


Organic search is the main source of traffic to a website. The entire concept of SEO activities is to increase the number of leads which eventually translates into conversions. In order to take on your competitors and realise your business goals, SEO plays a vital role. 


If someone is searching for your product or service, it is an indicator that there is an intent to purchase which means if they land on your website, the chances of conversion are high. So, SEO does not only increase traffic it increases genuine visitors who are interested in making a purchase or availing your services. 


When your website appears on search engines such as Google, it gets credibility and legitimacy. Chances are if no one can locate your business, your existence can be questioned. A Search Engine Optimization company will make your website SEO friendly as well as enhance your brand visibility by improving your ranking on various search engines.


Through various on-page optimization activities such as loading speed of the page, relevant content, easy user navigation – the entire user experience becomes neat and effective. For your website to be a success, a positive user experience is critical. If the user experience is unfavourable and a user does not get what they are looking for in just a few clicks on your website it goes against your brand.


Local SEO specialist such as SME Digital, understand the importance of gaining popularity for a particular region, taking you one step closer to a sale. For SMEs, local search has become a vital part of the business due to the rise of growing mobile traffic. SEO optimizes your business through local listings, local backlinks, local citations, Google maps etc. improving your engagement at a local level. 


Compared to paid searches and promoted ads, SEO is relatively affordable. With tailor-made SEO packages to suit your business goals, SME Digital customizes the best SEO plans for your business and offers affordable SEO services for small businesses so you can get the most by paying a bare minimum. 


PPC or Google AdWords keep you at the top as long as you keep pumping in the money and bidding on keywords. Whereas, SEO is a more long-lasting approach – it may take some time to get you to the top but it generates traffic continuously and doesn’t cost anything when someone clicks on your website. Google ads only bring traffic till the campaign is being run by you & you pay each time someone clicks to get to your website.

What makes SME digital the chosen SEO consultant for so many? 

Apart from wanting to see your business succeed, SME Digital brings with it years of knowledge not just in SEO but across multiple aspects of digital marketing. We bring with us years of experience in SEO, a web design and re-design team, SEO professionals, content writers, and the entire team that works together to improve your SEO ranking.  With diversified experience across industries, geo-specific knowledge, localised expertise, we have the skills to develop a strategy that is best suited for your business. 

We stay up-to-date with the changing algorithms and trends to keep you ahead of your competitors and handle each client’s unique needs.

We offer affordable SEO services and tailor-made SEO packages for every client. As a full-service digital company, SME Digital does much more than just Search Engine Optimization for your business. We increase sales, we add legitimacy and we keep you ahead of the curve. You can check out our SEO Process here.