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First, let’s quickly go through the importance of having a good SEO consultant for your website. An SEO agency has the in-depth knowledge and digital expertise that can benefit businesses across multiple industries. According to a survey done by Hubspot around 62% of consumers used search engines to learn about a new business, service, or product and 41% revisit the search engines when they’re ready to buy. This shows the huge untapped opportunity that you are not taking advantage of by not bringing an SEO agency on board.  

We keep it real  

For starters, we have an in-depth understanding and knowledge about SEO and digital marketing. We deliver results using simple English and not fancy jargon that a client may not understand. Our clients are based out of Australia and we ensure that our SEO efforts and campaigns lead to real results and visibility for the client. 

Multiple award-winning agency  

Apart from being a certified organisation for Search Engine and UX Optimized Website Design, we have also received multiple awards for our work in SEO. Delivering results and exceeding our customers’ expectations is what we live by and our awards indicate that our excellence has been noticed, acknowledged and appreciated. 

Home Grown with Agency perks  

Our team is home-grown and based out of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. We understand the local language and requirements and being local ourselves we use it to the advantage of our clients. When you bring us on board you get the best of both worlds – dedication and personalization of a small business and results with techniques of a big agency. Without you having to actually shell out big agency fees you get all the perks they would offer. 

Team of experts  

With clients across industries, our SEO consultants use the best techniques to get results for your website. A website’s rankings do not change overnight, Search Engine Optimization is a continuous process and our team spends a lot of time and effort in doing everything from start to the end. Activities like keyword research, landing page creation, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and other services are done by our SEO consultants. While you focus on your business, we make sure we get you leads and handle this part for you.   

Transparency and guaranteed results  

We use analytical tools to collect, interpret and analyze your website data. The keyword rankings are monitored by us and we share all this with you in a monthly report. We can get on call every month to explain the progress to you and steps forward. Your marketing spend needs to be justified by us and we make sure we generate the maximum number of leads with our SEO efforts.   

Up-to-date SEO practices 

At SME Digital, we stay up to date with the best SEO practices and ethical SEO techniques. This ensures that search engines such as Google rank your website high in the search results rather than penalizing the website and making you fall in the ranking. This is important for long-term success.  

Our Sydney-based SEO company stays ahead of the changing trends as SEO continuously undergoes changes and are well prepared for the changes and better equipped to respond to them within a short span of time.  

Fully personalized experience 

We offer an obligation-free SEO audit of your website. Post that we understand your business goals and then customize an SEO campaign for your business. Being a small team, we are fully involved in every stage of the SEO journey and very hands-on with our clients. As opposed to larger agencies we don’t have a sales team that can hard-sell a pre-decided SEO package and outsource the work. We believe in meeting with the business owners ourselves to align our strategy with what they have in mind. With reduced levels of intermediaries, the instructions and work are well understood and delivered.  

Affordable website design & local SEO agency

 Our company offers one of the most affordable SEO packages, Sydney has to offer. Being a small business ourselves we understand the limitations that small business have and may not have a big budget for marketing activities including SEO.


The SME Digital Experience is unique & different from the rest 

As a small and local business owner based out of Northern Beaches we are well equipped to understand the importance of getting local customers and traffic to a website. Not only do we offer a holistic SEO package, we also offer consultation on various other digital aspects such as web design and web redesign