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“I have been involved in the design industry since the mid 90’s with experience stretching across FMCG shopper marketing graphics for both ATL and BTL channels, promotional, print, online, corporate identity development, textile design and fine art creation. After heading up studios in large agencies, I now like to align myself with successful and established businesses in a freelance design capacity. This freelance process gives me more freedom as a busy father of 3 and it also provides a closer working relationship with the project leaders – from concept through to market.”

– Brad

Every company has a brand. It is the image, symbol, or name that identifies and separates your company from others in the same field. Your brand tells your customers what you stand for and who you are. When it comes to branding for a company, there are many factors to consider such as logo design, color scheme, fonts, taglines etc.

Branding for a company is one of the most important aspects because it helps to set up the tone for your company. You want to make sure that you are able to keep with your theme and make people feel welcome, while also being different from other companies in your industry. 

We work with one of the top graphic designers to help you with your branding. You work with the consultant to explain your vision and our graphic designer brings it to life.


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Web copy & blog posts

Copywriting is the art of persuading people to buy something by using words – sounds easy right? Well, it’s not as easy as many people think! Copywriters have to be able to use their persuasive skills in an engaging way that grabs our attention and makes us want more.

A successful online business needs to constantly develop its brand and create engaging content for the viewers it attracts. Our copywriters can write engaging web copy for you or an ongoing blog, ensuring that those who land on your website have high engagement rates with the content. This creates trust and willingness to use your service/buy from a brand.

We specialise in Dental Blogs which can be checked out at Dental Aware which is a leading dental site in Australia.

Jennifer is a Manly-based copywriter, passionate about writing copy for websites and bringing local businesses and brands to life. ​ She has written for an eclectic range of industries, offering a whip-smart set of services to help bring colour to communications — whether telling the story of a business, overhauling or creating fresh website content, or writing riveting articles or blogs that entice readers and search engines alike.