About SME Digital

Based out of Brookvale, NSW, and working with clients all around Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Perth, we are a local, multi-award-winning SEO and web design agency, whose main goal is to get our clients online and be found. 

We started with a simple aim – to provide a customized and user-friendly online presence for every business owner, big or small. And we understood the value and importance of that, during COVID. 

Having primarily worked in the local market, with a large share going to SMEs, we’ve always been passionate about understanding and working with clients at a personal level.

Through website design, redesign, search engine optimisation or any of our other services, our main goal is to increase traffic to your online presence and website which would then increase relevant leads for your business.

We pride ourselves on being affordable, even for small business owners, as we recognise the difference it makes to their business.

We will listen to what you want for your business and we will help you make it happen.

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In simple words

We are an extension of your sales team, and our job is to bring you leads and grow your business using your website. 

Our Design Goals

To get local businesses online in order to compete in today's world with quality websites that look good, are user friendly and target your niche. Thus ensuring they work for your business from the start.

Our SEO Goals

To get you ranking in search engines and to generate more business for you by optimising your online presence for search engines and your ideal clients. A great design with great content is how we do it.

Our Team

Local to Northern Beaches and Sydney, we love working not only with local clients but anyone, anywhere in Australia looking to build their website and get ranking. We apply the same principles to make sure that you get the results our local clients are getting.

Digital Agency, Brookvale, Northern Beaches



Hi! I’m a digital enthusiast who loves working with businesses to help them create an amazing online experience. Armed with a degree in Psychology, I try to bring the unique perspective that I gained into the human mind, to all of our website designs and revamps. When I’m not busy making websites look awesome, you’ll find me baking up a storm, binging on Netflix, or playing with my bub.

Amish Somaiya , Digital Agency, Brookvale, Northern Beaches



Amish is a NB local who’s been helping businesses in the North Shore, Northern Beaches and Greater Sydney areas for nearly a decade. He knows his SEO stuff, so if you’re looking to rank higher, he’s your man. He also has a background in sales, so he knows how to target your ideal client. When he’s not working on SEO, he’s probably hitting the waves with his baby.

Rachit Magon, Digital Agency, Brookvale, Northern Beaches



If you’re looking for a web developer with an impressive resume, Rachit is your man. With experience working with some of the biggest names in tech, he’s one of the most qualified developers on our team. But that’s not all he can do – Rachit is also skilled in building SaaS platforms, eCommerce systems, CRM/ERP systems, and other domain-specific systems.


Content Creation

Amanda is an experienced SEO content writer and copywriter. She has over a decade of experience producing and managing blogs, articles and other web content across all subject areas.

Avani Malhotra Digital Agency, Brookvale, Northern Beaches


Web Design

With a background in content & social media management, Jess is now using her skills to help clients with their digital needs. 



Website Designer Northern Beaches

How we work and what our work flow looks like

We first understand you and your business


We first understand your business vision, target audience, end goals and what you would want to achieve through the website such as brand awareness, genuine leads, more sales or just an online presence 

the work starts


We start working on your website. Depending on what service you are working with us on, we will provide you one point of contact for easy communication, regular updates, and updated strategy changes.

COMMUNICATION: We are a company that loves to hear input and feedback from our clients, which means you don’t have to email us and wait for days to hear back, just pick up the phone and call us to have a chat and we will be happy to talk through any concerns. Great communication is KEY for us. 

Multiple tests

Double checking everything

Don't lose your momentum


You’ve got the results, now don’t lose your momentum. 

Your website is just the first step in your digital presence, now that you have one, tell the search engines that this is you and these are your products or if you’ve been found and are ranking on top, continue the work.

Consistent and ongoing SEO helps to get you ranking in search engines and be found by potential customers when they search for the products or services you offer. 

Talk to us about SEO for your business or how to continue maintaining and support you to ensure your website is secure.

The beginning

Depending on the service you want

We then create a strategy


The next step is to create the strategy that we will implement for the service that you want us to work on. See individual page for processes for each service. This is done in collaboration with you to ensure that we are giving you exactly what you want. 

This is also where we gather all the information from you that we would need to work with you. This could be for your website design/ redesign (including branding and web copy if required), SEO, or for post website support.

Continuing on-going work

with regular updates

Getting the results we were after


Yay!! You are there, we’ve worked together and we have achieved what we set out to do. But wait, don’t lose the momentum. There’s more.