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The importance of a local SEO company to increase sales

Local SEO is becoming increasingly important, more now than ever before. People are finding local search results to be more relevant to them, for instance if someone in Sydney is looking for the best sushi bar, they don’t want results from Melbourne or Perth to pop up as those are irrelevant. This is where your local SEO consultant works with you and your business to get your business ranking on local search engines. 

What is local SEO?

A local SEO specialist, such as SME Digital will ensure that the search engine optimization strategy designed for your business will increase its visibility in local search results on Google. If you have a physical store or serves a specific geographic area, you can benefit from a local SEO company.

Everything from localized keywords, to Google business listings, local competitor analysis, local link building, improving local ranking, optimizing the Google My Business page, bringing you on maps and detailed reporting to monitor the SEO progress and take corrective action if necessary is all a part of SME Digital’s local SEO packages.

Your business website needs to be optimized, listed and present on Google maps, so that users in that area can search for you and increase your revenue generation.

Benefits of local SEO

Improved local visibility

When you choose a local SEO specialist such as SME Digital to create a local SEO small business strategy, they ensure that your visibility is improved in local search results and google maps. If you have a small coffee shop and someone in your area searches for ‘coffee shops near me’, google will list the coffee shops in the vicinity and as a result of the local SEO activities being carried out for you, your business will appear in the top 3 results or the ‘maps pack’.

Increased relevant traffic

According to Hubspot, 72% of local searches result in an in-person visit within 5 miles of the user. Instead of just anyone visiting your website, you will get visitors that have an intent to purchase. This is because your business appears high in the rankings when someone is in search for the service or product you offer. Also, your Local SEO company such as SME Digital is targeting local customers and promoting you within your area so the chances of a person being close to your store and visiting it are quite high. This is better than getting hits from people all of the world, which doesn’t actually convert to any revenue for the business.

Higher return customers

If someone has availed your services and you have ensured that they had a good experience, they will look forward to revisiting. When they look for your service at a later date, your name will pop up in the search results refreshing their experience and bringing them back to you rather than trying out a new competitor.

Increased sales

The probability of people close to you actually making a purchase from you are higher. In an ideal situation no one would want to drive 3 hours for any service or product. People find local dentists, local handymen, local pet shops etc more convenient as this does not require them to go for miles in search of them. Local SEO directly translates into increased sales.

Why choose SME Digital as your local SEO specialist?

With years of localized industry knowledge and experience, SME Digital knows where to put your money to reap the most benefits. We don’t focus on unrealistic markets and areas and waste your time and money – we focus on building relevant impressions in areas where you need them.

We use techniques such location-specific keywords, backlinking to local events pages, optimizing your Google My Business page to enhance your presence in a more relevant area. This increases your ranking when local searchers look for your product or services.

As Local SEO specialists we ensure that our local SEO packages include the following activities:

  • In-depth competitor and market analysis
  • In-depth research and competitor analysis in the area of your operations
  • Localised keyword research
  • Local listings and local link-buildings
  • Optimization of Google my business page
  • Detailed analysis & progress report


Local SEO becomes critical if you want to be found in a particular region or area. Through optimizing your google business listing, presence on maps and ensuring you are at the top in any local search related to your business, we generate more visitors and revenue for your business. When you choose SME Digital, we ensure that the awareness, relevance, and revenue for your business increases. We go the extra mile for our customers to bring them in the Top rankings in all the business locations they operate out of.

Some of the clients who have benefitted with Local SEO are:

Matty James Electrical for electrical services on Northern Beaches.

Gutter Cleaning on Northern Beaches: Forest Gutter


Pet Insurance services provider Pets on Me who are one of the best when it comes to dog or cat insurance.